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Panorama in the College of Augustales or Curia - click and drag to view 360°

Virtual tour of Herculaneum, documenting the site, and the work of the Herculaneum Conservation Project. For a plan of the site and a general overview collection of panoramas, see the Overview section.

Click the thumbnail below for a panorama of the site viewed from the south:


The panoramas are best viewed in fullscreen mode: click on the fullscreen button (rightmost in the toolbar at bottom of each panorama) to toggle fullscreen display.

Most of the earlier panoramas (up until the mid-2000s) were made using a rotational panoramic film camera and so are 'cylindrical' (they do not show the zenith and nadir of a scene). More recent panoramas were made using a digital camera and are 'spherical', recording zeniths and nadirs.

Where scales are shown on those plans that are rendered in 3D perspective they should be regarded as indicative only, being accurate only for those parts of the model nearest the viewpoint.