360° object "movies": click the thumbnails to view; click and drag to rotate.

Roman glass bottle; from Insula I.9, Pompeii

Roman sculpture; from Insula I.9, Pompeii

Roman bronze lantern; from Insula I.9, Pompeii

Roman stamp or seal; from Insula I.9, Pompeii

Roman bust from Herculaneum

Bronze from Herculaneum

Lekythos from ancient Selinus, Sicily

Krater from ancient Selinus

Amphora from ancient Selinus


Egyptian statue

The Charioteer of Delphi

Iris: 360° time lapse

Cat skull

A sample of quartz-amethyst

Kodak Brownie Starlet camera

Voigtländer Vitessa camera
A two-view-states object

Asahi Pentax Spotmatic camera

"Manifold" sculpture


Ancient theatre mask replica

1899 British penny

Fossil trilobite


For a variation on 360-degree imaging of objects, see the slit-scan section (on the Other Imagery page of this site) for examples of peripheral photography.