Image animations and transitions: click the thumbnails to view.

Image transitions

Anzac commemorative site

A New Zealand soldier of WWI

Venice | 1945-2012

Giza | The Great Pyramid

Giza | Funerary temple

Giza | Sphinx

Ancient Selinus | Temple

Selinus | Gorgon metope

Selinus | Quadriga metope

Temple and church

Shortland Street | Then and Now

Auckland view | Then and Now

Auckland view | Then and Now

Day to dusk

Herculaneum | Then and Now

Other still-image animations

RGB flowers

A penny-halfpenny

Jupiter rotation

3D effects applied to still images

Voigtländer Vitessa

A sense of relief

Book illustration


360° image cylinder unrolls

360° image | six 90° faces

Roman mosaic

Walker's Ridge, Gallipoli