Panoramas of the Area Sacra complex and the Terrace of Nonius Balbus, made in 2005. Click on the node-markers to open a panorama.

About a year after these panoramas were made, a copy of the statue of Marcus Nonius Balbus was placed on the statue base behind his funerary altar. The top row of stills below (click to enlarge) shows parts of the fragmentary original in the site museum. The bottom row shows the reconstruction in place. The last image shows the later addition of copies of two sleeping genii.

The four inset images of altar reliefs are of on-site casts (originals in museum); click for larger versions.

Archive image | "Then & Now"

Click the thumbnail image below for a then-and-now treatment of an archive image made at the discovery of the altar and statue base at the terrace of M Nonius Balbus.

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