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Piazza della Signoria

Ponte Vecchio

Mercato del Porcellino

Benevento and Santa Maria Capua Vetere

Benevento, Arch of Trajan

Benevento, Vico Secondo San Nicola

Santa Maria Capua Vetere


Piazza San Marco at dawn

Piazza San Marco

Piazza San Marco

Riva degli Schiavoni

Ponte de le Pignate

Ponte dei Pugni

Ancient Messene, Greece

Ancient Messene 2018

Ancient Messene

Ancient Messene

Jersey, Channel Islands

Dusky Sound, Fiordland, New Zealand

Astronomer's Point

Aboard the Milford Wanderer

On the bridge of the Milford Wanderer


İsa Bey Mosque, Selçuk

İsa Bey Mosque, Selçuk

İsa Bey Mosque, Selçuk

Remains of the Temple of Artemis, Ephesus

Library of Celsus, Ephesus


Çanakkale, Trojan Horse replica and the call to prayer

Blue Mosque, Istanbul

The Grand Bazaar, Istanbul


Near Table Top

ANZAC commemorative site

No 2 Outpost Cemetery


Syracuse Duomo, nave

Syracuse Duomo, side-aisle

Agrigento, Valley of the Temples; Temple of Concord, interior

Agrigento, Valley of the Temples; Temple of Hercules

Agrigento, Via S. Maria dei Greci

Palermo, Palazzo Abatellis, room II and The Triumph of Death


House of the Golden Cupids, peristyle

House of the Golden Cupids, hall

House of the Golden Cupids, cubiculum

Via dell'Abbondanza, at the House of Successus (Insula I.9)

Insula I.9, House of the Beautiful Impluvium, atrium

Insula I.9, House of the Fruit Orchard, cubiculum

Intersection of Via dell'Abbondanza and Via Stabiana

House of Menander, atrium

Villa of the Mysteries


The site viewed from the south

The buried Roman theatre

Buried theatre, stage

Suburban Baths, vestibule

Suburban Baths, service corridor

Central Baths

House of Neptune and Amphitrite, nymphaeum

House of Neptune and Amphitrite, shop

Decumanus Maximus, four-sided arch

House of the Mosaic Atrium

College of the Augustales [so-called]

Villa of the Papyri, partially excavated lower-level room

On Cardo IV, at the House of the Wooden Screen

House of the Wooden Screen, atrium

Basilica area, re-excavated Bourbon-era tunnel

House of Wattlework (a Graticcio), balcony above Cardo IV

Cardo III, at the House of Aristide

House of the Telephus Relief, atrium

Mount Athos | Hilandar Monastery

Monastery viewed from its fields

View from Milutin Tower


View toward the south side of the katholikon

Katholikon, main door

Katholikon, Exonarthex

Katholikon, Narthex

Katholikon, Naos I

Katholikon, Naos II

Butrint (ancient Buthrotum) Albania




View from the castle

Dig on the Vrina Plain


New Zealand Parliament

House of Representatives, debating chamber

Parliament House, foyer

Parliament Buildings, Galleria

Other subjects

Temple of Poseidon, Paestum, Italy

Pantheon, Rome

The British School at Rome, cortile

Room in Villa Maiuri, Ercolano, Italy

Villa Battista, Ercolano

Antico Caffè Rosalia, Ercolano

Piazza Scavi, Ercolano

Market, Ercolano

Delphi, Theatre

Gjirokastra, Albania: room in the Ottoman-period Zekate House

Butrint, Albania: cable ferry

Etruscan tomb, Cerveteri, Italy

El-Jay exhibition, Gus Fisher Gallery, Auckland

Exhibition, Auckland's Elam School of Fine Arts

Maungakiekie, Auckland: summit monuments