Image animations and transitions, beginning with a group of 'Then and Now' videos:
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A postcard from Venice
Then and Now | 1945–1994

A postcard from Rome
Then and Now | 1944–2009

Souvenirs of Egypt
Then and Now | 1943–1996

Auckland's Viaduct Harbour
Then and Now | 1968–2019

Auckland's St Kevins Arcade
Then and Now | 1972–2021

Auckland's Shortland Street
Then and Now | 1912–2014

Auckland's Queen Street
Then and Now | 1880s–2021

Auckland's Victoria Street
Then and Now | 1880s–2021

Auckland's Queen Street
Then and Now | 1880s (?)–2021

Anzac commemorative site

A New Zealand soldier of WWI

Walker's Ridge, Gallipoli

Ancient Selinus | Temple

Selinus | Gorgon metope

Temple and church

Voigtländer Vitessa

Book illustration

A penny-halfpenny

Alpha Centauri

Proxima Centauri

Jupiter rotation

Day to dusk

Hilandar monastery | day-night

A sense of relief

360° image cylinder

360° image cylinder unrolls

360° image | six 90° faces

RGB flowers