Vallis Alpes | The Lunar Alpine Valley and its surroundings

Vallis Alpes

Vallis Alpes (left of centre) and part of Mare Frigoris with major craters Cassini, Aristoteles and Eudoxus.

Vallis Alpes

Above: detail of the 180-km-long Alpine Valley. Note the cleft or rille on its floor.

Below, another version, with a slightly higher sun-angle; more of the rille can be seen at centre-left as it nears Mare Imbrium.

Above: a wider view. The morning sun is casting long shadows across the floor of Plato at far left.

Aristoteles and Eudoxus

Above: detailed views of Aristoteles (top, diameter about 87 km) and Eudoxus (diameter about 67 km).

Above: another view of the region.